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Candy Witch

Before I begin, I would like to start by saying that I believe 90% of the world's population practices witchcraft and could easily be classified as such. Most without even realizing it. Since the beginning of time as we know, the human has always been engaging with one another and ritualistic practice. Whether Spiritual or not. We have always been connected to what we consider the occult. It runs deeper than decorative characters or practice. The occult is an ultimate pathway to self discovery. Most of the polytheistic features are in fact representatives of the different aspects of life. There were many , as there are many aspects to the human experience. Something that I am discovering in my studies is that most ,if not all, practice ultimately results in a decorative and or bias path towards a higher self and the law of attraction. These ideas date back all the way to the beginning. A natural witchcraft. An ability so ingrained that it is a natural part of our perspective and experience as a human. Through prayer and ritual we send our thoughts into the ether allowing them to return as multiplied version of what it was we sent out. Whether positive or negative , it doesn't take much to make the law of attraction make sense.

Now for those who don't know , this following practice will help you become very well acquainted with what you need to directly understand about the law of attraction. For those who already understand, I invite you to use this in conjunction with the second part that will be provided in the use of candy. But first things first. It really helps to have a notebook for this practice. It makes things super easy and portable. Lets first start with a list of 13 things that you want to see happen and or attract into your experience. My best suggestion is to keep it relative to what surrounds your life currently. keep it simple and in due time further outreach is much easier. But first 13 things. Keep this list in a place where it will cross your eyes everyday with out with out your engagement. I have found the 2 best spots are taped to the dashboard of your car and or taped next to the door frame that you cross everyday. This will keep your intent focused and within reach everyday. Now that we have our list we can move on to the next part. This is where the note book will come in handy. It takes 21 days to psychologically create or influence the change of day to day habits. Which is exactly why I believe this next step is super important. For the next 21 days carry your notebook with you. And for each day take the time to write " I am grateful for _______". Of course you would have something there instead of the blank. But you want to do this 7 times each day. And you dont want to repeat anything for 21 days. or at all should you continue to venture past the 21 days. This will train the brain to reprogram and search for things that raise your frequency/make you happy. Yes, yes, this is psychology. But the harness of this practice is where it becomes a natural power. Not everyone will want to write out that sentence everyday and thats ok. I find that to be more conducive for those you like to collect books, scrapbook, journals, and such. Some are on the go and for them or anyone you can also make a list of 7 things that you are grateful for in that day with out the rest of the sentence. The amount of synchronicity that unfolds in the first 21 days can be uncanny. You'll know when you have tapped in to this ancient practice. I started and held on for 8 years before it evolved into something else that further aligned to my life experience. Every great move or project I have ever been blessed with, had this craft behind it. Now, The application of candy and the occult..

What I enjoy most about this formula is no one has to compromise their walk or path to use this. Even an atheist could use this. For some there has already been enough provided to run and use thy will. For others we have ritual and occult. As mentioned previously the occult ultimately results in a walk towards higher self. The use of symbols, sigils, runes, and other charms allow us to the harness and cultivate our power of direct intent. Psychologically speaking the summaries we hold to each symbol carries all of those properties at once rather than separately. Kind of like a thought suitcase. You don't have to carry each intent separately. Having this approach coupled with the "21 day list" you enter a back door towards a doubling your frequency output. The following list is what you will need to conduct your craft for this ritual.

  1. A Candle (any color or if versed in candle magick the appropriate color for the theme of your needs) I use a white tea light candle. Simple and to the point.

  2. 7 Small Pieces of Candy ( any candy is fine as long as it gives you natural feel good endorphins. Small berries are also acceptable however the candy allows more time to cultivate your power. I personally love Reisins for this practice.

  3. Your Notebook/List and Pen ( For a more ritual approach and use of meditative practice I suggest doing your list at the end of your day with this in mind. Maybe twice a week.)

  4. A Quiet Dark Space ( This is important. You don't necessarily have to be alone but the space of security and solitude is an amazing foundation for this practice as you are harnessing your own natural vibration.)

  5. An Honest State Of Mind ( Its super important that what we are attracting is not more of what we don't want. It's super easy to get distracted by our lacking only attracting more of it. In the future I will be sharing ways to cultivate the big sad into your personal power but for now lets keep it simple. You want this to be exciting, not a chore. Walls make for blockers. Please resort to the emotional scale below before beginning. You cannot grow where you are going if you do not know where you are going.

The following is a breakdown of the what would be spell/ritual. Again this can be done in accordance to anyones walk or practice. There are no rules as to who your praise and or salvation goes unto. For an atheist approach keep focused on the your scientific facts relevant to this practice. You are in fact emitting a frequency that grows with endorphins and that is the signal we are strengthening.

1. Sit barefooted or in the nude in the dark room in front of your candle. ( Nudity creates a vulnerability that blurs the mind of perception. Allowing greater influence to surpass your human methodical thinking that can be limiting. Barefoot can also allow. Robes are also acceptable.

2. Hold the candle with eyes closed and focus on your symbol/sigil. ( As mentioned prior, the use of a symbol/sigil allows you to carry a collective of thought rather than having to separately think of each one. If you do not have one thats is perfectly fine. In theory, this is when a "witch" would create one. It can be what ever you want. there are no rules. This is your power. Take note of your creation and give it a name.)

3. Light the candle while saying your name in the fashion of "I am ______". ( Taking ownership is so important for those wanting to cross the veil. You can add whatever is needed for your "I am" statement. Lead with your name. ) 4. Begin to savour your first piece of candy as you write your first point of gratitude. ( Focus on your symbol/sigil while doing this. I imagine my symbol going up in flames. Huges flames. Flames of my ancestors devouring everything denied that I am allowed. This + Candy Endorphins + Vulnerability = Divine Grasp. Focus until the candy is gone and begin on the next one. SIDE NOTE : The endorphins releasing with the candy and taste jollies are also the same chemical compound that release in the brain with sex and fear. Both very relevant references to ancient occult, but more importantly modern day consumerism and high end marketing. 5. After the 6th piece of candy and point of gratitude you will state your name, blow out the candle and finish the 7th point in the dark. ( This Last move will allow ownership to begin. Finish out the focus of your symbol and the last piece of candy. ) You don't have to do this every day for the 21 days. But I do suggest twice a week. The practice of this will unfold its own individual way for you. Dont over think it. Again this is meant to be fun. Walls will only make for blockers. As presented here candy is an amazing tool for the craft or law of attraction. It is also useful to prep for rituals and spells. Candy overall is definately a witches friend. This is a bit different than your Halloween association or the pop culture reference of witches using candy to lure children. Such is the propaganda we break silence to end. All of that said I have an interesting parting thought for those entertained by the thought provocation of the occult. All of this would seemingly be a light hearted practice. No harm No foul. Nothing ill or malicious. Even so the use of the chemicals/endorphins in conjunction the craft would in theory make this "black" magick.

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