Candy Witch

Before I begin, I would like to start by saying that I believe 90% of the world's population practices witchcraft and could easily be classified as such. Most without even realizing it. Since the beginning of time as we know, the human has always been engaging with one another and ritualistic practice. Whether Spiritual or not. We have always been connected to what we consider the occult. It runs deeper than decorative characters or practice. The occult is an ultimate pathway to self discovery. Most of the polytheistic features are in fact representatives of the different aspects of life. There were many , as there are many aspects to the human experience. Something that I am discovering in my studies is that most ,if not all, practice ultimately results in a decorative and or bias path towards a higher self and the law of attraction. These ideas date back all the way to the beginning. A natural witchcraft. An ability so ingrained that it is a natural part of our perspective and experience as a human. Through prayer and ritual we send our thoughts into the ether allowing them to return as multiplied version of what it was we sent out. Whether positive or negative , it doesn't take much to make the law of attraction make sense.