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Divine Ergi V : Mannsöngr

This particular entry will hold more thought than some will like. If there was an entry to challenge gate keepers, this would be the one. But alas, the challenge is only a by-product of my ability to share the truth I have been living for many years. I will not mean to make you question the integrity of world history, but to look beyond what was allowed to stay as the world transitioned through warfare. I will not be citing these references as they are easily found in today's resources. This is a means of expressing the choice of my artistic moves within my craft more than educational propaganda. Her name needs no permission. Some may already know that I have been a practicing pagan for many years prior to my openness about it. Everyday I search for ways to connect to my ancestors. It is their breathe of life that allowed me this gift of life.I dance with the Gods. I poor their wine and listen to the whisper of the winds as they guide me. I strive to employee my mind, body ,and spirit through values and structure of heathenry. Maintaining a mjölnir mentality through practice and expression. But we will visit that more in the next entry. For now let us continue on the journey of what it means to be in the likeness of a modern American sex witch.

In the Grand paradigm shift 2020 I came to terms with many things. Like many, I spent my quarantine in solitude. Contemplating what it meant to live, only discovering what it meant to live your truth. Ive spent many years in Memphis,Tn developing what I knew would in the future become a means of lifestyle and existence for me. As a vessel of fertility and chaos ,one medium of expression is not enough. In Memphis,Tn There is access to many mediums. For many years I was able to develop through the subculture of underground fashion and music in Memphis. Not only learning what it means to be an artist but what it means to carry it through life. Many of the qualities and energies here in Memphis reflect many of the virtues of Freyja. I recognize the grit and grind of tactic, sexuality, and prosperity. I can see why , like an angel of music, she has led me from the country to the city of Memphis. Divine is the place where water meets land. Egypt knew that with the nile as the Delta does with the river. Like my many of my ancient ancestors, I myself was born an Islander. Because of this, the value of a shore line reigns supreme no matter where I find myself. It is the combination of the two forces that create prosperity. In Memphis I learned what sexuality meant beyond the act of sex. It took a little time for me to connect the pieces of self discovery. My existence has often been against the grain growing up in the south. Being young, confused, and lost, many things distracted me from coming to terms and understanding my own Identity in the spectrum of sexuality,. Or perhaps was it so I could develop before indulging?

Many know that sexuality is a prominent reflection of Freyja. This is a source of connection that ,for me, has allowed whispers from the wind. It is a primal connection of expression and means of creation. Prior to the common era this mentality was well understood. It was and is still sacred to many. My Memphis journey led to the unfolding of my nonbinary/trans self. This however is not to suggest that one's psychological identity determines said sexuality but unfolds the diversity and pathways of sexuality.This shadow work allowed an even further connection to my ancestors silenced through the political warfare of the world. But it wasn't always like this. In the grand shift of 2020 I had to come to terms with death before I could truly come to terms with life. Coming to terms with my identity was a triggered part of my development. In 2019, I gained great professional traction with my musical expression and presence. I was on the table for discussion with a major record label, and if Im honest it wasn't until I began adorning myself and expressing in higher alignment with my true identity. With that said the following year reset everything. There is definitely more on this in the prior entries. In the shift I came to understand the importance of growing into the position of sharing my truth. Not just as a human , but as a soul. I vowed to never withhold her name moving forward. Her exaltation is paramount to this chapter of my discovery. While my practice is not at all limited to the vibration of sexuality, it is one that led me to her divine name.Freyja has shared many truths with me since connecting. Many of my practices were already ingrained before I knew the cultural names for them. She then led me to music as the Völva's connection to song is an exercise of the breathe of life.

I spent many years in the studio exploring and learning what my sound was. How my breathe operated. I practiced my seidr in private during this chapter. My use of tarot was the only public indicator of my pagan lifestyle truthfully. My image and visual references remained subliminal. My first project ,in fact, used galdr chanting masked into the tracks. I held these things in secret for a long time.In the grand shift I decided to drop the disguise and lead with my expressive truth. It became a breathe of relief that I wasn't legally committed to a self that wasn't real. In this realization, I craved to be among like minds and begin my true work. Not as an artist but as an American southern "witch". I combined sexuality with tactic and began introducing myself. Entering groups and forums with lingerie and a shaman mask. This tactic began to prove entirely effective. Many people began to interact and some even contrast. I had weaponized my own beauty. Many types of conversations began. Many followers of the divine feminine recognized my conceptually connected tactic and offered respect , while others enlightened me on the marginalizations of digital and physical sex workers through attempts of public abuse and slander. I remained un-phased as I began to contemplate my new prompted association with sex workers in this chapter. In world history we find that the idea of sex work is often marginalized with the likeness of "witchcraft". While sexuality is definitely a resourceful connection they are not synonymous. Many innocent people have been murdered all through out history , tagged as a "witch".

This genocide has created modern undertones in which we receive the topics associated . In fact many of the ancient values and philosophies related to sexuality still course within our society. This historical genocide It has taught us to question and forget what was once a natural part of our thoughts. Within my culture alone you see a lot of Freyr and Freyja archetypes in today's modern pop culture. Both were symbols of fertility and prosperity. And Im sure many have noticed the modern association shape-shifting and elves (creatures of Álfheimer) with e-culture. This trend and theme is very popular amongst "Fan" websites. As my curiosity of this grew I began to notice these cultural pulls. For my people, Freyr (Freyja's divine twin brother) was the ruler of Álfheimr , realm of the elves. Very fascinating to discover as e-culture embodies many of the same values as they adorn themselves as elves, promoting sexuality. Making this part of the internet a modern Álfheimr as the virtues of prosperity and fertility lead with emphasis.

Naturally this lured me in a way that became undeniable. It felt a powerful means to even further connect to my ancestors long forgotten. Entering a world where "shape-shifting" was a cultural norm was even more interesting as shape-shifting is very important part of the same culture. Many of the indigenous practices that led to what we know as Nordic culture included that act of adorning ones self with the likeness of animal features to inherit the qualities. Many of us know this is as what became called the "Berserker" when used in warfare. The act of shape-shifting transcends the lore ,however, and is referenced as an actual practice of the Sámi people before the common era. Seeing this ,in alignment with the elves, felt somehow subliminally articulated as the rise of Nordic culture becomes more and more pop culturally relevant. This is also similar to the popularity of medieval fascination with nordic culture. Only this time, sexuality isnt an executable crime of a "witch".

Entering the world of e-culture sexuality was very powerful.I had to ,however, immediately recognize my place of privilege in it. Many people are forced into what I chose to walk into. For me this was part of my coming of age and cultural identity. For many this is a means of survival. It was imperative that if I did this , I must carry valkyrie vigilance and bring honor. Not alone but to share the load. It would not be enough to explore sexuality but to challenge the mentality of what it means to carry this vibration in the "Bible Belt" of the world publicly. I recognize the power of my beauty in its fluidity. Just the sight of what I am can trigger the minds of many without flexing one muscle or word. True power through her divine likeness. I began promoting, weaponizing my beauty and blurring gender recognition. Pushing people into a reflexive shamanistic mind frame so that they can make sense of digesting my presence. Using my gaze to lure and strengthen my hold. The experience thus far has been very rewarding as many

are also able to see past the stigmas and into the gaze. Working with this e-culture not only began to fund a deeper dive into this chapter but lead to ways of self empowerment only spoken of in therapy. Learning the nature of my body and presence only strengthened my certainty in what I do. In history we find that "Witches" often fostered the marginalized or those separate from the common norm. With the five genders we know of the Sumerian culture B.C.E. we can only assume the cultural impact and world consistencies they carried being the mecha of the world. Especially in ancient Nordic symbology. In many indigenous practices we see that "queer" identities were often associated to the likeness of spirituality. Divine leaders of fertility and connectors to the creator. I can see now that the power of sexuality was a by-product of power naturally held by these individuals. In today's pop culture we a see a cultivation of the power used on the common paradigm to create presence and power in what we call consumerism. Nothing is new. Only forgotten. In order for the conquest of political and religious warfare to take over, the natural queerness of the human species had to be removed and forgotten. We see many holes in world history that support this. A big one is the rise of Baphomet with the Knights of Templar. Its not uncommon to know how culturally powerful the Knights of Templar were as it was what made them a target. Homosexuality and queerness was also associated to the knights. They were persecuted for worshipping/preserving an ancient trans deity that we know as Baphomet. This is easily dissected as we know the bible Describes Lucifer as God's most beautiful angel. Baphomet was a transgendered/species deity that originated outside of Mendes, Egypt B.C.E. .

This symbol was one of fertility and prosperity. Its reflection came from the study of fungi in the ancient world. Even then they recognized the fungi's ability to assume not only two but thousands of genders and could assume any gender with the combination of another fungi. This gives scientific merit to the these symbols of the old world ,which this knowledge coincidentally enough was also considered witchcraft and punishable by execution. These ancient scientific understandings made sense of what would commonly call queerness in our species and again had to be removed in order to enable the world's political indoctrination. It was important that I carried this portion of the journey with respect. With all this understood , it is safe to assume that ancient culture had a place for everyone. In the era of the Goddess , there are many parallels when we cross examine cultural deities. l;./

Fertility of the body provided life while fertility of the mind provided quality of life. Freyja was and is a very special deity. She represented more than just these aspects but what it meant to be an ecstatic beauty and vessel of emotional duality as well. The sparked human, flaws and all. This is a glorification of a psychological archetype that would later often be considered an "witch" personality . Her presence alone was the hardest to remove from history according to some scholars. So much so, that even in the christianized translations she is said to be one of the only to survive Ragnorök. With the cutlural cross examination mentioned here in conjunction with the nordic culture we see that her values and presence still carry. Embedded into the DNA of many around the world she is truly within us all. Global indoctrination worked really hard to remove and alter her lore and history. It was the mannsöngr that led to legal persecution of what was more than a cult but a culture of Freyja. Mannsöngr in a casual sense of

history is said to be song of love and or one's beauty. How is that illegal? Well, in this culture ancient Scandinavia it was not at all strange to sing of one's beauty (man or woman) without the connotation of attraction, giving beauty power. This however is a very watered down version of the mannsöngr. With all the prior cross examinations it is safe to historically conclude the involvement of sexuality with this topic. Mannsöngrs not only celebrated beauty and love but the act of sex. This is very relevant to today's culture as we currently feed subliminal witchcraft/Indigenous values in today's pop culture. Elves running wild ,shape-shifting and promoting the vibration fo fertility all whilst the modern "witch" sings of sex and love. This of layer the tapestry began to unfold deeper into my lifestyle. The use of a sexual culture began to bring me more and more craft clients. Naturally this level of sexuality strengthened the psychological presence of being a village witch for hire. I was truly was further connecting with my ancestors as hoped. I became a pied piper of sexuality and witchcraft. As an artist it became apparent in this chapter what my next move was.

During this time my ritual drum use was becoming more a part of my day to day meditation.I began noticing these spiritual elements all around me and subliminally already coursing through modern culture. Truthfully I had already been making explicit Mannsöngrs with my music. Only I had been doing it in a passive format. Unconsciously following her divine likeness.Using metaphors and clever word associations. It was time to take it a step further and align with fertile expression of my body. I wanted to make a self conscious Mannsöngr with an indirect use of the drum in conjunction with ritual breathing. We kept the energy ecstatic and vibrations of fertility in the forefront. As campy as its decorated only some will noticed the level of cultural conceptuality. Filming the video was rewarding its own experience. We cleared the energy of the set and began filming. The more connected I feel to them the safer I feel. I noticed this in hindsight of filming as this was the first set experience where I didn't micromanage myself behind the camera. I allowed myself to simply be ecstatic and free. This will be the first time since my awakening that I upload to the world of streaming platform and industry.But this time not for validation but to share. Gratefully speaking, I got to further connect with my ancestors in this experience. Another memory for the antlers. and if you're reading this I did even better by exalting her name with my ancestors. There is without a doubt more to come.The journey is nothing if not shared. It is truly a blessing to be received.

Please enjoy the music video.

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