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In light of sharing my journey in coming out as non binary, I have come to realize some do not understand what was once an ancient balance with human.

They ᛉ᛫ Algiz She ᚠ᛫ Fehu He ᚨ᛫ Ansuz

Truly a holy divinity as it represents all aspects of human experience. Many many cultures prior to colonization and church conquest believed and protected this. Each one plays a vital role in the connection you have to The Universe. Every sense you have been given is so that The Universe may experience itself. And to rob any aspect of that is a disservice to your own connection. Peace amongst collectives once existed before the divide and corruption of mandated practices.

"Effective magic requires the practitioner to unite the powers of the conscious and unconscious, of intelligence and emotion. In many shamanic traditions, cross-dressing allows the shaman to walk "between" genders, and to unite or balance within him or herself the abilities associated with each. Upsetting ordinary gender assumptions loosens the psyche and allows one to perceive in a new way."

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