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Why ?

      Witchcraft" has so many connotations. Some bad, and some not so bad. But reigning more supreme on the topic is its truth. "Witchcraft" is far more than campy depictions brought on by pop culture and religious indoctrination. "Witchcraft" is in fact part of every humans life at some degree. From the basic fundamentals of science , to the casual use of beauty products, "witchcraft" is in fact at the foundation of it all. That is not however to say everyone is a "witch". Only that it directly influences everyday life in some fashion.

     Walking through the forest we find more of ourselves than we would without. She carries no rules defining ones self. we venture into an era of "New Age" that will only fortify our fascination with the occult. Many truths are to be found in what many are scared to read or digest. It is only in absolute darkness that we can know absolute truth. Not only metaphorically does contrast empower fulfillment, but scientifically speaking it also truth. The very natural of process your photons is disrupted by light therefore blinding us from the very pattern in the fabric of life. It is in fact in darkness and water that the womb and seed created you. Such is a part of the balance in life no matter what walk. When we look through history we see have seen once where the desire of Alchemy laid the very foundation for what we know as modern chemistry. You can rest assured it doesn't stop there. Many were and have been executed in the name of their collected knowledge. Summarized as a "witch" . Many don't realize that their makeup is glamour witchcraft. Or that their basic calming tea is Green witchcraft. Why the "discovery" of electricity itself might have been narrated differently under other circumstances.
     So why Just another blog? Just another online community? The truth is that only the power of one's intent that can define the depths of one's endeavors. Our intentions here are not to play into cultural illusions but to set fire to the manipulation put upon "witchcraft". A safe place for all to explore and share. Growth one soul at a time, where all are invited. We are excited to see the many diverse souls to interact and create a profile. To naviagte artiulcated conversations in our forum. Some will bare all while some will be able to keep a pen name. All will be safe to share their booking information and commerce links. This is for you. You are safe here. With this community begins a movement that will shed light and love, sprinkled with a little darkness. Such is life. Such is truth. Yin and Yang. As above, so below.

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