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Ansuz Seidr/Galdr rune experience in 852hz

So much has changed since this time last year. In the last portion of this experience we began our journey with Fehu. An appropriate rune association to activate an ancestral avalanche. We explored the digital imagery of a "High Seat Ritual". Vaguely sharing a once exiled and demonized ritual where the individual would enter an altered state of mind through trance. Receiving shared information from the spirits willing to aid in their Galdr call. While Galdr and Seidr are indeed two separate referrences , it is only through the lense of colonization and christianized adjustments that we imply the pseudo masculine and feminine separation of the two. As mentioned prior feminine energies and Fem non binary/trans types were often associated with the Divine feminine. There are multiple referenced accounts in 320 B.C.E. from the Romans of successfully living Trans women in these "cults". Needless to say this would not stand in a Christianized era but as time and the internet has exposed, there is so much more learn about humans and where we all stand in the grand balance. There are accounts of men however who would also practice seidr. And why not? Of course history would get tampered as this was viewed as an effeminate and or emasculating practice because of its sexual passivity. But the All Father himself was a master of all practices including seidr. Freyja bestowed seidr unto him and the other Gods. She was and has always been a divine archetype for this practice. But her following and practice was punishable upon claim for many reasons that we will get into on the portions to come. For now we continue our runic journey. Through Fehu we have planted the seeds. For harvest and growth to follow. But without the wisdom to use it we will remain lost. That is why Ansuz would be inevitably next.

An elder futhark representation of divine inheritance and passing of breath. Wisdom and the power that comes with it. Ancestral divinity often accompanied with a reference of Odin.Through the expression of Ansuz I could carry the breathe of those before me that were denied. The marginalized Argr and Ergi. Effeminate creatures of exile. Confined within the societal limitations of a colonized era. It wouldn't be enough to simply perform my next ritual without the narrative of those before me. In this time I am not only able to perform without persecution but bring modern technology to the table of this sonic sorcery that is Galdr. To begin this process I would have to execute a track for this chant. With this particular chant we wanted to set the tone with ancestry. Drew Morris of the fearless Station 8 Productions was just the one for it.In Memphis there are many places but only few who do not fear this journey we are taking.

Every project with Station 8 productions has been a safe and open experience. Not at all stifling to my individual needs. Many feet have passed stepped on the ground of their facility. As a witch I personally attest to the resonation of power within their land. Not just because of my facilitation alone. But for the sake of staying focused Drew Beatz (Station 8 producer) , was encouraging towards the ancestral vibe . This was a prompt for both of us as artists to dig deep within the ancestral sounds of the past. And what it would mean to vocally carry that.

The track itself went through two versions before it would arrive to its final state. And even though that state would be discovered it would still be up to us to fill in all the gaps from beginning to end. Because of the Passing of Breath nature of the rune we wanted to keep it tribal to some of the sounds of Northern shamanism. A good eighty seven to ninety percent of the sounds were made from the voice for this galdr incantation. Listening to the track before the visual piece I feel is very important. I combine galdr invocations I found in my research on this rune. Most understanding of it leads to wisdom and the journey of Odin. The passing of breath through ancestry. It was only appropriate the we used the divine frequency of 852hz to lead our chariot for Ansuz. 852hz is often ascociated to the activation of one's thrid eye. The brow chakra frequency. Which was more than the select choice for this invocation. We wanted to help the mind ascend into a minor altered state to allow the tap of ancestral wisdom to flow. Sounding the alarm for awakening. You can listen and download the track in this link here :

Upon finishing the track, the next step led back to ritual representation. The practice of Seidr is often carried out through the lense of the divine feminine through human called a "Volva" . Many accounts of the Volva can be found in the collective know as the "Voluspa". There are many other works one can find and communities that will share oral tradition. Volvas were the seers and shape shifters of northern tradition. Often marginalized members of society during the colonization of the times. Often feared and loved. They would travel through the lands offering services. Accompanied with the gift of song and enchantment. These songs are a topic of their own and differ from Galdr. This is something we will unpack soon. The Volva was famous for the use of their Stav (Staff). The staff would be a key between the world of the living and the world of the dead. During the medieval sensation of Galdr and Seidr it was said that the volva would dance upon their staff, in a sexualized charge of expression. This of course led to its outlawing as the conversion began to infiltrate across the world. Slowly the cult of Freyja would become silenced bringing the practice of seidr into the realm of illegal. It was not only important to create representation of this milestone into becoming the volva but almost mandatory. As mentioned in the blog prior we became acquainted with the use of the ritual drum. Bringing the Alfar and Disar into your realm. With the stav comes the instant connection . A key, to allow them to approach and deliver ideas or knowledge. A tool that I shall be buried with when this time comes.

At first I was going to buy a premade staff of fantasy indulgence. But I must say my friend Digit really came through for me on this one. They raised a very good point for the sake of authenticity and connection. Digit vowed to help me create a perfect stav. And so I found one. I found her. Half alive ,but mostly dead. Freshly Fallen but not at all new to the world. There was certainly enough stability and strength that I felt comfortable moving forward with her.

We would first begin by stripping all the years of wear and tear. After smoothing the surface would apply our first coat of stain to protect the wood for more years to come. It was super important that value went into the base creation. Adornments can always change , but what will not change is who we made at base value. Etching the Elder Futhark took more than one night and was a very informative experience. Each story for each rune as we permanently altered the Stav.

Upon completion there was great pride. Not only did my friend take an idea to the next level , I was ready for the next step. The narrative is so important in any visual experience. But before I dove in too deep on my own it was time to meet with Memphis's own Hotkey Studios. They proved to be very much a safe place in our first project together with Fehu. The brought a dream to life.

The first meeting is always throwing ideas onto the table to see what everyone is into. What are we doing? What is the budget? What are we open to? And this is where the Beauty of working with these guys goes to the next level. I was prepared to keep it to the point of the ritual aspects. I needed a divine womb to bestow my stav unto me. So that I may enter into the practice by rite of ritual. So that I may dance for those who didn't get to. To make my ancestors proud for passing the breath of life to me. I wanted to bring to life the visions of dreams of the past. But the guys felt we could offer more to the narrative. Not only ritual points but cinematic narrative with conceptual dialogue. It was not enough share the practice but the idea of who I was doing this for. An Ergi/Argr caught in the confines of a gender driven society. This quickly became a full day project of on site filming. It would require a cast total of four people including myself.

I enjoyed myself If Im honest. I got to be barefooted for most if not all of the shoot. Blessed are the soles that kiss the soil. They always come with the equipment and deliver a full experience in terms of cinematography.

The cast was super fun to work with. I felt very safe with the people I was surrounded with. No one there questioned the cultural integrity of what it was we were there to do. The guys understood the conceptual representation they brought into the narrative. We gave them one eye covered in red to represent the dominant/divine masculine and cross reference to the sacrifice of Odin's eye for wisdom. They are the carriers of the margin in the time . While the divine feminine/pop culture leads the way bearing the tools of self discovery. The divine womb baring the rites of passage. It was important to create the contrast in the narrative. While I am a privileged version of this narrative its important to speak on the harsh nasty truths. My people have been abused and robbed of a world that once accepted their place in the grand natural balance

For many others this depiction is sugar coated next to the monstrosities they have been faced with from being burnt alive to being hung in front of a crowd. Not just my people , but the ancestors of the forgotten. Ancestors that have been removed through years of conversion and colonization ,passing on breath of life to those whole will never know of them. Taught to forget before they could even learn. If I must speak on behalf , I must say that I know nothing in comparison to the suffering some of my ancestors and people have faced. Which is is why it is important for me to relentlessly be myself cringe and all. There were many murdered in the name of false divinity. Many murdered today for the same reason. Witch or not. Needless to say HotKey Studios brought more value to the project. They allowed me to dive deeper into what I had to potential to say.

The process leading up to the ritual felt very cathartic. I felt myself doing justice not just for my robberies of life but others that were invited to be on this part of the journey. I felt my ancestors with me as flipped to the ground with each take of the trauma scene. Every drop to the ground for me was committed. I could not allow anything less to speak for them. At *1:52* Begins the actual track in 852 hz and the transition of conceptual narrative to ritual representation. Being set loose from the marginal confines the volva is free to dive into self discovery. Ritually speaking I was to now receive my rites of passage from the divine womb. For nine days prior I fasted and carried those invited. I set the tone by inviting those of her divine likeness and glory to be apart of this runic expression. A separate ritual we will discuss in the next blog I danced not only upon my new stav but with the ancestors of my past.

Carrying a baton into the future of witchcraft's revival. I began to dance and wind upon the key to divinity. In the final thrusts of filming I felt all of my power begin to drain.I was letting go of so many anchors that were holding me in the area of shadow work. I continued to move despite the leaving energy. I was entering my altered state of mind and was connecting to the others side. Some of the footage I do not remember. Some of it I do in pieces. The experience honestly happened so fast that I cannot recall it all. Alot of my memory is stained from what was captured. A lot of scholars will now argue the "Ergi" had more meaningful references prior to the viking era. Ergi was the word that meant handling of divine energy. For me this could only suggest that what was once glorified became stigmatized. To be of or understand "Ergi" is to truly be divine.

It is truly a gift to be received. And on this journey thus far I have truly been received. I desire to bring modern glory unto her name. For those who were robbed of the experience I have within my reach. I am doing this for us. May Ansuz shed light on the ancestors of the forgotten. May the breath of life be honored and carried into the future for generations to come. Im super excited to share this visual expression with the community. Memphis has offered so much more than what is openly discussed. This land itself carries ancestors of the forgotten. Many of us here today are brought here to shed light on what has been forgotten. Thank you for being here for this part of the story. I can assure you there is more to come. It without a doubt does not end here.

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