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Fehu Seidr/Galdr rune experience in 432hz

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

For the last 17 years of my life I have kept my Seidr/Galdr craft private. Hidden underneath the fabric of all that I have done in my life. To break this down and explain in fine detail would require the language of the Gods themselves. I am however at the mercy of our limited ways of explaining. Like Christine Daae to her Angel of music, my practice is something I naturally inherited through divine lead. Only to discover the names and reasons later in the journey. Both are an ancient Scandinavian witchcraft. Galdr being the use of the runes offering the divine masculine its power behind ritual and said rune's properties. Seidr being the use of thy vessel to lead with sexual charge and ambiguity. Dancing to weave and fall into trance. Praising unto the divine feminine the ancient Seidr was also known for singing, music, and alluring gaze.

It however runs deeper and darker. To know ancient Scandinavian text now as it stands is to know the edited version post religious colonization. In a time prior to said religious colonization a human like myself *Ergi* had a place in the divine regard. To know "Ergi" as it is known now would be a heavier equivalent to the slur "Faggot" for a straight to the point reference. Executable in the namesake of colonization and world commerce. Sellable as many other witches would become in the history to follow. Before religious conquest it was known that to be graced with both gender's insight was a blessing. Closer to God if you will. This is not a personal bias as it was common practice to believe this in a time B.C. . It allowed a level of articulation that many held to be notable. Androgyny has always played a divine role. From the Angels of Judaic and Abrahamic practice, To the glamour Egyptian royalty, androgyny is divine. Once one can read between the lines of historical and indoctrinated cultural manipulation, it is plain to see but a topic for another time.

This invocation is used for the attraction of abundance and prosperity. With it comes the elements of hard work and communication. Like many things in the craft you must be willing to do the same level of desire through your outlet of attraction.

With the use of an ancient witchcraft known as science, 432HZ offers an activation of sensory relaxation. The frequency is deeply embedded with ancient world history. From the chants of "OHM" to the actual frequency of Earth herself. Fehu, like the other runes, is an essence of the name and shape.Giving a base of the syllable sounds and linear shapes of nature. Fehu is also an invocation to the divine feminine known as Freyja . Her love includes all things beauty, And you are indeed a divine beauty. To praise unto her *Freyja* is to respect and help a feminine in need as a daily devotional. For craft/invocation purposes light a white candle with lavender incense. This chant is to played in the background at any volume for the duration of the flame. So mote it be. In the grand scheme of artistry it didn't stop there. There was indeed more to be said. Something still dwelled inside me ready to release. An extension to the very craft. This track is very special to me as it is truly a genuine artistic expression. What happens when authenticity is put into the machine. A base of comparison only makes the dynamic of this track more powerful.

At the height of this experience myself, the idea of coming back down seemed impossible. Tears would fall every morning I listened to the tools of my ancestors. In either format, both tracks would see me through to the point of divine vision. Her will courses strong and always has. Freyja has indeed been at the base of all I do since a young age. She always knew before I did. This project allowed me to come clean with that. And Like the Seidr Master Odin I bared my horns and geared for sharing this with the rest of the world. My ancient cultural truth. It courses deeply within me today as it oozes out in artistic format. A true vision and dream come to life. But where would we share it? Where could I keep this ancient craft safe from the world ? But not just me. Others who would love to do the same. arrived like a bolt of lightening. Offering sanctuary to share and give freely amongst the people. Allowing me to find others and to share with those who desire to know. It was this very sanctuary that prompted this 3rd installment.

Every bit of this moment was the most honest my art has ever been. I have been making music and imagery for over 10 years and Im ready to now share my truth.

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