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Divine Ergi II : Tears of Gold

She travelled far and wide searching for her love. She wept, leaving behind tears of gold and amber. It was not enough to a be figure of beauty. She carried her search through many lands where should would reach many names. One could only imagine if they know anything about the world of beauty. Dissociation often helps create an empowerment. It was not enough to be a figure of war and magick. She searched and as I enter my current chapter I resonated deeply with her pain. To know and then to lose. It was not enough to be a figure of lavish mystery and sexual control. Butterflies every day as the search continued. With the love gone what is life without the search to know it again. Many often speculate the origins and and symbols behind this story of Freyja. It was not enough to be figure of fertility. In Seidr there is only so much one allowed to speak freely. But one thing can be assured is that you must know her pain if you are to know her beauty. Truly something many outside of the practice could relate to. So much beauty is forged in the heat of battle with life. Not only outward but truly inward as well. To know love and to lose love. Her pain cannot be ignored.

She roamed the shores like beacon of light in the dark. Mardol they called her there. The beauty of light upon water. Herald of where water meets land. she waited and searched. Staring out to sea. In this journey there is only so many chances one gets to embrace her divine beauty in its deserving knowledge. Beauty and pain have always gone hand in hand. It is often the most beautiful smiles one must watch when alone. Beauty and Pain go hand in hand because pain can hide behind beauty. In the craft there are many frequencies in which to pull from. Often over looked is the power of your tears. Tears are tangible creations of your tipping point. And with every one that falls you have to opportunity to create something as beautiful as gold. She roamed many lands where they called her Syr the sow. Bounty of the land. Harvest of the soil. It was not enough to be a figure of fallen warriors and keeper of Folkvangr. She searched almost aimlessly for something she had once known. A pain that cannot be overlooked in claiming ones power. Getting up and continuing the battle towards your goal. She never gave up. To know her is to know her pain. And to know beauty is to know pain. I found myself in this chapter fighting through the tears of lost love and the effort it took to fight everyday with a smile. Every tear I tried to captivate as a moment to bring abundance. But it was never enough. No matter how abundant I still had tears to burn. Everyday I found myself shedding tears of gold and it was never enough to equate that which I lost. But every tear was powerful none the less. She traveled many lands and held many names. Gefn the generous they called her. Essence of bounty itself. Turning every tear into beauty she continued her search. More than beauty she was a figure of love. She was a figure of perseverance never giving up her search for the love she once tasted and known. The power of beauty behind the pain. In the craft we must take our power of perception and cultivate into something worth keeping. Everyday we face the abundance of emotion . Overwhelming or not we face it. Leaving behind pieces of who we once were. It is not enough to know only the joy of a story. There is very little depth in that.

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