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Divine Ergi IV : Sonic Sorcery

Everything in this moment is for them. This collective of thoughts for whatever it is worth all points back to them and the passing of breath. So much has changed since beginning this journey of full frontal truth. To inherit ones lineage and ancestry is a gift of activation. So much is to be learned from the journey of those before us and I truly want to set the tone with the paramount nature of their involvement with this moment. Everything points back to them. Together we exalt her divine glory. There are a couple of ways I could go about sharing this part of the journey, but for the sake of sticking to the point Ill save some portions for blogs to come. I titled this entry as "Sonic Sorcery" because that is how I chose to make a gift for my ancestors. Seidr in multiple accounts involves music and singing. Through my lifestyle, I have always praised Freyja. Even before I learned and saw the "Seidr" nature of my ways. Music is at the forefront of many rituals where your ancestors assist you. In Seidr you have a "Vardlokkur" and a "Mannsongr" in historical association with the cult of Freya. We shall Touch base on those separately as they each deserve their own representation. This song falls somewhere in between the two in the sense that its call to the ancestors like a vardlokkur. The song also embodies a level of sexuality like a mannsogr. With all this said this song/gift is a bit of a response

to my chapter of their recognized entry. In my last piece we visited a conceptual ritual meant to allow my entry as gifted by the divine womb. She bestowed my Stav. But right before this release, and before filming I should say I held a ritual to invite those willing to participate in my endeavours to exalt their glory in her divine likeness. Inviting your ancestors in inevitable part of this journey. I must say I never thought I would have found myself working with a level of necromancy but here we are. Having it already be comepleted I truly believe these practices to be an inherent nature of who we all once were. Nevertheless, I held my ritual.

For every invite recited I created a glass globe with layered stones where the candle would sit. Ten globes and two pillars. One for the lord, and one for the lady. In my mind thought it to be Frey and Freyja. I waited for an evening to be alone with no one in sight aside from myself. I did my ritual openings. I lit each candle stating the nature of expectations of her divine likeness. I did my ritual closings and then sat in the stillness as the frequency of 741 hz coursed in the air. Whenever I comeplete rituals of invitation I consider myself to be a realist. I do not wish to seek a results with my imagination. I very much prefer results to present themselves. And so I waited 4 Days and 3 nights. Now before I share this next part I must say my room mate at the time was a no non sense type of person. Very much a literal world communicator. On the fourth night after a long late day I entered my room to de-robe and find my way towards sleep. I was in my room for about 3 mins before there was a knock at the door. It was 1:30 a.m. and room mate waited up to share some information with me. The look in their eyes was real enough that I feared bad news. They began with how I "know what kind of person they are" and that they weren't sure how to feel about with what what they were about to say. "I consider myself to be a very direct person Jad. But I don't know what or who you invited but its too much.". I stopped what I was doing and my stomach turned. Immediately in my mind I told my self "not to speak of my ritual. Let them speak everything without your information." . I asked my room mate to tell me why they felt like I invited too many. They began to tell me a story of a dream they had. " I was in the room and you were in there with a boy and a girl. They stood behind as you playfully jumped on the bed to wake me up. The boy and the girl looked at me like they didn't trust or like me. So in my dream I was like let me slide under the bed because you kept jumping on it. The girl told me I wasn't going to fit under neath there and thats when I heard a loud rustle in the house. I was scared Jad. When I opened my door Ive never seen so many bodies packed into one space. I tried to make my way to the front door as the crowd of bodies softly touched me as I walked by. I got out to the driveway but my car was gone. The line of bodies went all the way down the street where you could see a white van snatching them up towards the end. It scared me Jad. Ive never experienced something like that. Its not the same in the house anymore for me." . The look in my room mates eyes did not lie. I assured them that I understood how they felt. There was no hard feelings in our departure. With this information I held this level of necromancy sacred. In hindsight I am to be more mindful of just how many were robbed and denied many of the luxuries in my day to day life. Many luxuries that are more than likely taken for granted. I had now what felt like a team of spirits to assist and experience with me. I had what I needed to move forward with my practice and felt inspired even more. Working with ancestry is a bit wild at times. It can almost feel a bit involuntary when tears fall from your eyes over a song you your self wouldn't personally cry over. A lot of my dance with them since has been in my drum work. I wanted to give them a gift. Modern renaissance forged with the power of intent and science.

Station 8 productions has thoroughly proven to be a safe haven for artists of all kinds in their development, I never have to beg for an idea to say the least. When I shared my story with producer Drew Beatz , he was down. I wanted to make something fun and cheeky. But in the namesake of the background in pop music that got me here. If not for all those years in the studio I would have not found my revelation of her divine beauty. So the gift was homage to The "JAD" project that was laid to rest post-covid for the truth that I now lead with my day to day life as a Memphis village witch and artist. The lyrics needed to reflect the elements of the two song types mentioned prior in this entry. Once we had a base rhythm I began to construct verses. It took about fifteen mins as the words flowed like water in a river. We found ourselves constructing alt verse versions. The construction of the song its self with Drew is always fun. Never taxing. My experience creatively speaking is allowed to flow naturally without biases. And so we made a track that I would write this blog and share sonically. Wrapping up "Ritual" in the studio led to what would I credit further to the sometimes involuntary nature of sometimes working with ancestors. Upon completion the song would be shared amongst peers and professionals for thoughts and feedback.

**FREE TRACK DOWNLOAD HERE** There was an overwhelming positive response. The most important positive response was my own. I myself enjoyed it. Enough that it truly didn't matter what others liked or disliked. Luckily for me , I didn't deal with resistance here. Upon wrapping up "Ritual" in the studio we would then film the conceptual ritual of Ansuz. Ancestral Inheritance indeed. I felt truly empowered as we wrapped up Ansuz in its conceptual glory. The juxtapositioning of cultural commentary and practice with conceptual value is what truly sets this apart from other grimoire entries. But what were we to call this gift called "Ritual"? Shortly after filming Ansuz I was approached by Ice tray Dre of Umbrella studios. He was in search of diverse candidates to work with. I told him where I was with my line up of releases for the remainder of the year. After hearing "ritual" he declared it very much worthy of visual representation. I was very much open about where I was in the narrative of my current platform. Nothing was taboo. The way Umbrella studios encouraged and brought Ideas to the table in conjunction with my practice was a defining moment for me. I knew then that this gift had to be louder. Its inspiration was transcending my own and into others.

Filming at Umbrella studios was marvelous. I was allowed to have a private set and allowed to set the tone however I needed. I was allowed to cleanse the area and use my drum to perform my vardlokkur . There was footage taken but As promised not to be released as this is a very sacred practice that will be revisted when its time for others to experience it.

It was wild to see myself perform such a thing before my own eyes. The day felt surreal and in and out of the cuts. I was definitely not alone as giving in to the camera was something different this time around. Giving in was far easier than it had ever been before. I felt many ideas coursing all at once from take to take. Music videos are so much different than what I had recently been sharing with my audience. Reconnecting with it felt good. I felt like it was an old dance that I remembered as I shared the experience with my ancestors this time around. I was filming a music video with traces of my cultural practice of Seidr.

Cognitively I was articulating practices once outlawed by the church. But In front of a modern camera. Dancing into a trance and using what is referred as "focused surrender" to create allure and objectification. The footage shows as I convert each personality as I feel them coursing. I could say like acting but it felt so real.

Dancing with the threads is what I would call what you are seeing. When I am conducting my "weaving" I use this hand dance standing in place as my hips wind to the pull . I allowed myself in this situation to move around more as I pulled and weaved to cultivate the intent of the ritual. There was truly no holding back in this and Umbrella Studios was truly a safe place. I felt myself giving in more and more every wind. Every take felt intoxicating. The footage of The sword was special. That sword is actually my ancestral altar athame. Dramatic yes I know.

It got to serve its conceptual purpose here as sexuality is truly my weapon. My body can create war amongst others. My very truth can incite lust or rage . A sword felt more than appropriate for this part of my ritual collective. FIlming this video was nothing short of a full organic experience of my truth as a human. One could easily sum up my experience with adulthood in front of a lense only now it was catching a true metamorphosis . I lived my truth harder that day than any day before it. From the ritual opening to the videographer respecting and addressing the nature of our spiritual guests.Dre not only understood the artistic value of diversity but the ethical responsibilities as well. I gave the camera my truths. The sexual nature of where the camera and I stand is an upcoming topic in its self as I continue to discover the many more truths of what it means to carry the breath of life as a volva. But with others behind me. Truly empowering sorcery. Which is why we will refer to this gift and other musical references here as "Sonic Sorcery" . May this moment exalt their divine glory. May it bring attention to the ancestors of others and may it carry positive vibration. Every thing points back to them. Blessed is the breathe of life. Blessed are those who carried it before us.

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