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“Magick happens when you step into who you truly are and embrace that which fulfills your soul.”

Hello, My Darlings,

Madame Ruby here to give you a little insight on how to become a modern house witch. Being a witch is not just lighting candles and cuddling crystals (although, you still do need to cuddle and love on them), it is about being intentional in all things in your home. This week, I am going to start in the most important room in the house, The Kitchen. In my kitchen, most of my potions are created. Potions are more than just lime green slime bubbling out of a cauldron; potions can begin with ingredients you already have in your pantry.

As a Taurus, Food is my life, and as everyone knows, what you put into your body affects you greatly, but have you ever thought about creating your food FOR your body? Did you know that food can affect not only your health but the emotional and spiritual parts that make up your being?!

I want to start with a recipe for self-love, after all, loving ourselves is the first step in recognizing our potential! Buckle up buttercups and enjoy…

Ingredients and their properties:

1   tbsp Dried Rose Petals	     (Self-love and Relaxation) 
1   tbsp Dried Hibiscus Petals       (Love and Divination)
½ tsp Cinnamon	                     (Clairvoyance, Divination, Peace,
                                      Passion, Tranquility,and Wisdom)
½ tsp Vanilla Extract	             (Love)
½ tsp Honey			     (Sweetens the outcome of this 
½ tsp Cardamom			     (Feminine herb used for arousing
                                     and has magical properties for 
                                     lust, sexuality, and building and 
                                     reigniting intimacy
I   tbsp Coconut Butter              (Great for hair and skin)
1   cup Hot (Sun) Water:             (Sun water is exactly what it 
                                     sounds like, water that has been   
                                     kissed by and left in the sun. I 
                                     recommend using sun water instead 
                                     of tap for  its properties 
                                     Protection, healing, happiness, 
                                     truth, courage, strength, comfort 
                                     and self-love)

--The first thing you are going to want to do is to pick your favorite cup, one you use often or your favorite (don’t be afraid to admit you have a favorite cup, we all do!)

-The very next thing that I like to do in my kitchen before I even whip out an ingredient is to clear my space of negativity and direct the energy that I am wanting from this recipe in the space that I will be creating it.

Now it's time to bring unto us self-love!

Directions: Remember to think and fill your soul with your request from this potion

Steep the dried rose petals and hibiscus flowers in the hot water for about 10 minutes, covering with a tea towel. Strain and blend with the remaining ingredients. Sip while sitting in front of a mirror and writing a love letter to every part of yourself.

You need to continue to do this on a consistent basis, your power in yourself lies with the power you give yourself. Don’t stunt your soul, let the negatives go!

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