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Divine Ergi IX : Dancing with the "dead"

Ive been Asked many times how I conduct my witchcraft, and the truth is that there is no one way to answer that. But what I can do is share some of the tangible parts of my practice and how I can go about seeking my end results. I wrote the title for this the way I did because it sums up the primary focus and pivot in my craft. I work with interdimensional third parties. I call it that because I believe what I am working with is ancestors of the past while others try not to label the gray area of what is what in this field. Either way they are interdimensional. Doing this however is not an easy thing to do in a modern world. As Ive mentioned in this journey before, our world distracts from the world we were taken from through political and religious conquest. There are ways however to connect with ancient dreams in a modern land.

Working with the "dead"/interdimensional beings definetly requires a couple of things from what Ive learned. It has been decorated in many ways through out time but somethings do remain consistent across the cultures. I personally practice "heathenry" in its ancient format as a village witch/völva. I do this being accessible to my village for the services they request within my witchcraft. Through research, workbooks, and written testimonies I worked to align myself with my ancestors. The Sami people (Indigneous to the area) have worked hard to maintain and keep the philosphies that greatly influenced "Heathenry". These indegenous philosophies carry deep understanding ,and The underlined structure should make sense when your core is to connect with the land. When studying these belief systems breathing in rhythym with the land is the first component of need for any reflexive shamanism. You are the land. The land is you. It is important to recognize that existence is reflective.

Again these practices are decorated in many ways with different tools. Not all of mine comes exclusively from what Ive studied, there is a touch of personal gnosis attached with how I go about some of it. In my method there are 4 important tools before "opening the gates". The first is my stav. This tool is used for grounding. As it touches the land and roots into the ground so does my mind and feet. It serves almost like a key and allows you to be recognized for what you are. A vessel in service of the land. Mine is covered in the elder Futhark runes. Each sigil represents different aspects of wisdom and deeply connected the shapes of nature. My stav is only used when dancing with them.

The second tool is my mask. This tool is not about decorum as much as it is about buffering. Not all that will answer to the call are in your favor of what you beleive and or stand for. The way you are dcorated should let anyone know up front what they are working with. The Nordic people specificly were known for using decorum in alot of practices from tampering with the strands of fate to going to war. Psychology is relevant to any consciousness. "Dancing" with the "dead" should always be practied with caution and protection. There is no one or wrong way to do that. Just as long as this is accounted for when inviting strangers. You can also have different decorum to set different tones. Just make sure to protect from those who would work against you.

The next tool is my drum. The drum for me serves as a connection to the breathe of life perpetuating the hearbeat of the land. To find rhytymn is meditative and allows clarity to find its way into your mind. Everything I have brought to the recording studio in this chapter starts with the drum. Whether it is at the front or background, it is there. This brings me to my next tool, the Vardlökkur. As mentioned prior in Divine Ergi VI, the Vardlökkur is song used to "open the gates". In traditional practice this song is performed prior to the ritual sometimes with a group or solo. Doing so serves as a request to your gate keeper for inviting the spirits.

Doing this should always come with purpose. I highly reccommend against loosely practiticng these things as they can come with great consequence. Recognizing your gatekeeper is a strong part os solidfying your respect for this practice. Finding your gate keeper should start with your ancestry and the parts of that you desire to work with. The gate keeper is reflected in most if not all theologies. From Heimdall to Anubis they all have stories and aspects they reflect within their cultures. I think its important to make them and the "dead" feel welcomed. Doing this can be done in many ways from offerings to setting the tone with music or seating arrangements. I try to make sure the there is always purpose to what Im doing when it comes to inviting others. There are different ways to get things done within the realm of witchcraft ,but when it comes to summoning of any kind I always make sure there is a reason. It helps to include a spell and or jar for a direct understanding of what is needed. The last time I summoned for assistance I used jar magick. Doing it this way allowed me to focus my intent everyday alongside those summoned to help me get the job done. It would become as easy has having the ritual drum on an audio track

and using it to charge my ground and candle.

Sigils and runes are a great way to articulate the message of said jar as well. Either way allowing yourself to focus your intent daily builds your relationship not only with your gate keeper but also the others that come to your call. Not every attempt will be successful in the beginning but when you strengthen your connection through your tools and daily engagements your results will begin to grow. This should a create a deep respect for what you are doing and remind to not take it lightly. Things can sometime get strange when dealing with others so makes to clense and smudge your sanctuaries and home. It is very important to be open to all that surrounds you. When dealing with this practice is important to keep up with dreams and encounters. Messages and sign begin to find their way to you. Be grateful for your messengers. While you may not always speak their language they will always bring validation that you were received.

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