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Ritual Sacrifice in a modern day

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I would like to begin by stating that this blog is not intended to touch base on current cultural conspiracies. This is more importantly a cross examination of science, philosophy, and ritual understanding on the topic of sacrifice/offering. For a long time "sacrifice" is a stigma word often associated with occult practitioners. While some historical accounts hold merit to this idea many offer alternative ideas to the same concept. But let us begin with the nitty gritty of the topic.

Its no secret that ritual sacrifice is something that is culturally relevant to most if not all cultures across the board. Dating all the way back to our earliest documentation of civilization. While we have no concrete evidence of the effectiveness in this practice we can assume there was an understanding of science involved. To really understand this we must first understand the how and why.

All things emit a frequency. Plain and simple , this emitted frequency is ancient knowledge as the "OHM" chant is in 432 Hz which is the same frequency emitted by Gaia (Earth Herself). You yourself emit a frequency even now as you read this information. That frequency plays a huge role in the metaphysical science of what ritual practice requires. Energy output is very relevant in what most consider "Dark Practices" . More so than others in the fact that channeling such carnal and raw energies is what makes it "dark". Fear, anger, and sex. All three of these are very much in the realm of black magic if you wanted to break it down a little more. But let us stay on topic.

In sacrifice there is usually one of two dynamics. A victim of a chosen fate, or the honorable action of a devotee. Either way both would ,scientifically speaking, have an enormous energy output. One being euphoria and often associated to martyrdom. The other being milked of energy output through adrenalized abuse and fear. Both an exploitation of a third party for some ritual agenda. Interesting side note on the topic of fear and anger in science. These emotional triggers are used in high end marketing because they create the same brain chemical compound as sex. We all know that sex sells. But that its self stems from the ancient understanding of sex and its association the occult in terms of use as a tool. All of these emotions cause an avalanche of these brain chemicals therefore causing a stronger impulse in the consumer. Very much similar to the concept of these element's relevancy to this ritual practice.

Im sure you can understand how this applies to the current topic of discussion at hand. Intense action promotes intense energy in theory creating intense results. Not all sacrifice was for gain, however. Some sacrifice was for offering. "Then God said, "Take your son, your only son, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there is a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you" Genesis 22:2

When considered you realize most of the reigning religions of today lead with a candidate who was sacrificed in the namesake of the doctrine and its spread. Many religions even prior to Jesus held a similar story formula. Like Mithras, Horus ,and Krishna ,Jesus would Hundreds of years laters die of persecution only to be resurrected on the third day. As we all commonly know the reign of current religions crusaded many cultures only to create many sacrifices along the way for their agenda/God .

While some believe sacrifice to be a product of its time , others believes its use has been moved into secret with hidden agendas of power in our current time. But honestly the current narrative we have is to put some understanding into the why of our topic. To understand what is has become we needed to understand what it once was and how that works in the metaphysical science of it all. Moving forward in our topic we want to consider the many ways this same formula can be applied with out the need of a sacrifice. Willing or not.

The basic fundamental system we can begin with here is the law of attraction. What is put out comes back. Not on a human's base of comparison sense but a frequency strength. All of these emotional points of reference are a frequency level activation. Fear and Pain specifically. The only things they lack in terms of objectivity is a direct focus of intent rather than the current distraction of what causing the activation. If one could perhaps master the focus of your intent during these moments you could have your cake and eat it too. Sex is a major alternative for this type of potency with most of the modern "harm none and do thy will" practitioners. Everything doesnt have to be so serious and intense though. With the evolution of the mind come of the evolution of the power of intent. There are many ways to reach the same level of offering unto your divine source. It is safe to assume that once energy is created it cannot be destroyed but only recycled. A great example of this is burning sage. No matter what region of the world most if not all shamans and witches would burn herbs and other aromatics to reach divine lengths. The energy of the burn subject releases into the ether creating energy for the molding. Strings to weave as a Seidr would put it.

As the smoke and energy lingers so does ,in theory, the divine energy. Use this direct focus of intent to pull and weave the power of your own frequency. Watch the smoke as it dances for you and tells you the story of its love for your experience. As stated this is also easily done with incense or any desired tools. The point of it all is the the demise of something only led to the availability of its now vacant energy. Food can also do this. Many things we consume and or cook with including ,again, herbs carry frequencies/metaphysical properties. Not on just an ideology level but a tangible emitted frequency. Like cosmology the combinations are seemingly endless and honing the craft comes with studies of notes that one usually keeps in a tome. Some could argue that these things are the difference between offering vs sacrifice. But as a witch there comes an understanding that sacrifice itself is a natural part of the human experience. That like nature , life itself is a give and take journey. This leaves so much room for anyone willing to take the time to articulate this new understanding. We have only begun to reclaim the knowledge and history taken in the namesake of power. It is truly an exciting time be alive and interested in pagan theory/science. Using the theory of recycled energy how could you create your own version of ritual sacrifice?

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